Various articles and stories which were featured in the local newspaper during World War 1.
Bromley Battlefield - Footsteps to the Past

Council Sets up Battlefield Scene to Help Raise Funds for the War

FEEDING THE GUN ON BROMLEY’S BATTLEFIELD “No Man’s Land” from the Trenches £70,000 raised: How the Money Came in In …
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War Naturally Affected the Birth-Rate in a Most Alarming Manner

On 4th October 1918, there was a report in the Bromley & District Times on a CHILD WELFARE EXHIBITION ‘An …
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ladies drinking tea

Warning to take your own Tea on Holiday with you

In 1918 the Ministry of Food proved it cared about its nations love of Tea after sending a message out …
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Children picking blackberries

Children to be paid to pick Blackberries

Blackberries – Children to get 3d. A lb for picking A discussion took place on the subject of blackberries for …
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Great Demonstration on the 4th Anniversary of the War, 1918

With the entry of the American troops, fresh and ready for the fight, in April, 1918 and the failure of …
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They came to Britain, looking for safety…

Repatriation of Belgian Refugees During World War 1, it is estimated that Britain was home to almost 250,000 Belgian refugees, …
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