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Throughout the war years, local newspapers were a source of information and often provided¬† readers with a wealth of advice from housekeeping in wartime, advice on what to do before going to your shelter and even etiquette for travelling on public transport with Billy Brown’s Guide to London Transport

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Food Facts: Mother & Child

Government advice given to Expectant Mothers, during th Second World War, on the food they should be trying to eat…

Billy Brown’s Guide to London Transport

Here is another fine example of the Billy Brown character, invented by cartoonist David Langdon OBE, giving advice on using…

What to Do Before Going into Your Shelter

Before, during and after the raid What to do before going into your Shelter – and the help that is…

Tea-Time Gossip

As written in the Bromley & District News on 27th September, 1940 (page 2) Under the Bed A near-by A.A…
Housekeeping during world war 2

Homekeeping in Wartime

This article featured in the Bromley & District Times in August 1940, providing advice to housewives to help the with…

Food Facts, August 1940

A regular feature in the local newspaper in the 1940’s, here is another list of useful ‘Food Facts’ for readers…

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