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Below we have listed a variety of adverts which were published in the Bromley & District Times newspaper the two war time periods (1914-1918 and 1939-1945). 

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Idris Table Waters – Advert

Idris Table Waters Advert for Idris Table Waters from the Bromley & District Times newspaper. Who made the Lemon Squash?…
Advert for Soap Rationing in World War two

Soap Rationing

Advert from the Ministry of Food Soap Rationing From Monday, February 9th , soap may be bought only against a…
Soldier being poured a cup of OXO

A Home Guard Against Winter Chills

Another advert for OXO which was published in the Bromley & District Times newspaper during the 1940’s. Read more about…
Odeon advert featuring Birth of the Blues film, published in the Bromley & District Times in January 1942

Showing at the Odeon – January 1942

Birth of the Blues Birth of the Blues is a 1941 American musical film whose plot loosely follows the origins…

Jones & Higgins Department Store

Useful ‘Coupon-free’ Gifts at reasonable prices Starting out as a one shopfront window business, Messrs Edwin Jones and George Randell…

Jones & Higgins: Reliable Furniture

Jones & Higgins for Quality – Value – Service Reliable Furniture Jones & Higgin make it possible for you to…

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