Soap Rationing

Advert for Soap Rationing in World War two

Advert from the Ministry of Food

Soap Rationing

From Monday, February 9th [1942], soap may be bought only against a coupon or buying permit.  The oils and fats used in soap manufacture occupy much shipping space, and some of this must be saved for food.

you will have 4 coupons in each 4-weekly period, and will be able to use these how and when you like within the period.  There will be no registration, and you may buy from any shop stocking the kind you require.

Each of the four coupons which make up a four-week’ ration will entitle you to buy any one of the following:-

4ozs, Hard Soap (common Household Soap in bars or pieces)
or 3ozs. Toilet Soap
or 3ozs. Soap Flakes or Chips
or 6ozs. Soap Powder No. 1
or 12ozs. Soap Powder No. 2
or 6ozs. Soft Soap.

Rationing will not apply to shaving soap or dental soaps, shampoo powders, liquid soap, or scourers.

Advert for Soap Rationing in World War two from the Bromley Times in 1942

Bromley & District Times, 13th February 1942 (page 7)

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