These articles give a fascinating insight into the various entertainments going on back in the UK during the First World War years.

wording from article in Bromley Tiems in 1942 about a cross country run

Cross Country Run, 1942

Air Training Corps take part in Cross Country Run A.T.C. in Hard Test Forty-two members of the Bromley Squadron of…
Odeon advert featuring Birth of the Blues film, published in the Bromley & District Times in January 1942

Showing at the Odeon – January 1942

Birth of the Blues Birth of the Blues is a 1941 American musical film whose plot loosely follows the origins…
Cinema listing of Billy the Kid film which appeared in Bromley's Odeon in October 1941

Cinema Listings for Bromley in 1941

This advert for the cinemas of Bromley lists the top films being shown for the 6 days following Monday 27th…

The T.W.E.R.P.S.: Spring edition

The T.W.E.R.P.S. were a local amateur concert party. who were in much demand during World War 2 to entertain the…

Soldiers as “Can-Can” Dancers

Gunners of the Royal Artillery in South-east England, where they are running their own troupe of “can can dancers”…

Exciting Wartime Football Matches

In spite of the war, there was plenty of football to watch and teams to support. This report appeared in…

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