Exciting Wartime Football Matches

In spite of the war, there was plenty of football to watch and teams to support. This report appeared in the local newspapers reporting on a match between Bromley Police and the  Royal Corps of Signals.




Bromley Police v Royal Corps of Signals

With the score 5-2 in their favour ten minutes from the end, it looked as if Bromley Police were going to have a comfortable victory over a team drawn from the Royal Corps of Signals at The Warren on Saturday.  In those ten  minutes, however, McFadyen, the Signals’ centre-forward, who was a regular player for Glasgow Rangers in pre-war days, scored two goals, and left the Police with a narrow, but well-deserved victory.

Detective Mullin at centre-forward, proved that he can get the goals as well as get his man.  He scored a brillitant “hat-trick.”  The other goals were scored by Haynes and Holder.

Bromley Police – Gunner: Clark and Turner: Jones, Holder and Neville; Smith, Haynes, Mullins, Belsham and Tasker.


Bromley & District Times, 10th January 1941

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