Air Training Corps take part in Cross Country Run

A.T.C. in Hard Test

Forty-two members of the Bromley Squadron of the Air Training Corps took part in a cross-country run at Hayes [Bromley] on Sunday morning.  It was organised by Flying Officer W.M. Ogden, who is in charge of the sports side.

The course was a four-mile one, starting from the top of Station Hill by the fountain, then going across the Common to Croydon Road. along to the Fox at Keston and Leafy Grove then down the hill to Jackass Shaw, up the hill to Nash, across ploughed fields through farmyard, along to Rouse Farm, down to Gates Green Road, up Hast Hill on to the Common ___, and back to Warren Road.

The cadets assembled at the First Aid Post, Hayes (by the courtesy of Dr. K.E. Tapper), and then gathered at the starting point.

Flying Officer Stokes got them away to a good start shortly before 11 o’clock.  they ran in a bunch for the first mile, and covered two miles in twelve minutes.  When they had passed the Fox, Phelps, Humphrey, Boxall and Tilbury broke away from the others and ran “like lightning’ down the hill to Jackass Shaw and up the hill to Nash Farm.  The Phelps ran away from the others, and finished strongly 200 yards ahead of Tilbury.  Bellamy, who had been running well, was only a few yards from Tilbury.

The order of the first twelve was as follows: 

  1. Phelps (28 minutes)
  2. Tilbury (29 minutes)
  3. Bellamy (29 minutes and a fraction of a second)
  4. Allchorn
  5. Nevard
  6. Boxall
  7. Aster
  8. Carr
  9. Wackett
  10. Holder
  11. Humphrey
  12. Williamson

B Flight won the face with 40 points, C Flight being second with 30, D Flight third with 20, and A Flight fourth with 17.

wording from article in Bromley Tiems in 1942 about a cross country run

Bromley & District Times, 3rd April 1942 (page 4)

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