Food Facts: Mother & Child

Government advice given to Expectant Mothers, during th Second World War, on the food they should be trying to eat to help with their health, and the health of their growing baby.

How has the advice changed today?

Mother and Child

Of course you are anxious to do everything in your power for your baby’s well-being both before he is born and afterwards.  The Government wants to help expectant mothers on the important matters of diet.  There’s no need to worry about special food, the expectant mother wants a good mixed diet.  Her own health and future well-being depends on getting the right nourishment during these nine months.  And her baby’s future health and strength depends on her present diet.  So she must make the best use of her priorities and allowances.

An Expectant Mother needs:

Milk: at least a pint a day.  Milk helps to build her baby’s flesh and bone.

Cheese: her full ration.  Cheese is also a splendid builder of bone and teeth.

Eggs: (shell and dried) and other foods containing iron, such as dried peas, beans, prunes, watercress, bread.  Iron forms blood for herself and the baby.

Green Vegetables, some raw, some cooked, should be eaten every day.  Vegetables contain precious minerals, salts and vitamins needed by mothers and baby.

Fish: (fresh or tinned) is a good builder and can take the place of meat, specially in the later months.

Meat: but not too much – with liver if possible

Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice are specially important for your health before and after pregnancy.  Fruit juice contains Vitamin C. Fish oil gives the much needed vitamins A and D.

And don’t forget to drink 3 pints of water every day.

Her priorities

Expectant mothers can get 7 pints of milk a week at 2d. a pint.  Also priority supplies of shell eggs as the rate of 3 a week.  Take a medical certificate and your Ration Book to the Food Office and you will be given your authorisation.

So important are the vitamins contained in fruit juice and cod liver oil that a baby needs them before he is born.  Expectant mothers can obtain bottles of orange juice, and ether cod liver oil or specially prepared fish liver oil capsules or tablets.  Coupons can be obtained from the Food Office if you show your medical certificate and Ration Book.

If you are entitled to free milk you will also get your vitamins free.  Otherwise the price is 5d. a bottle for cod liver oil.  Six weeks’ supply of fish liver oil, capsules or tablets cost 10d.  Get 5d. or 2.5d. stamps from the Post Office

Government advice given to Expectant Mothers, during th Second World War

Bromley & District Times, 3rd May 1943 (page 3)

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