Food Facts, August 1940

A regular feature in the local newspaper in the 1940’s, here is another list of useful ‘Food Facts’ for readers to help encourage them to ‘never waste anything’.

The Ministry of Food was almost before its time, by offering more advise on the Wireless each morning – almost like a modern podcast!

Every Time you cook you help or hinder Hitler!

This advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times, 16th August 1940 (page 3)


This Week’s Food Facts

Please make full use of the fruit and vegetables now so plentiful. It is important that we should eat home produce rather than food which has to come from overseas.

Never waste anything, however small. Never eat more than enough. You’ll be fitter, You’ll save money, you’ll make cargo space available for materials of war.

Every time you cook you can help or hinder Hitler!

On the kitchen front

HEALTH HINT – Among the protective foods, salads have a high place.  Eat a salad every day while they are so plentiful.

BUTTER PAPER – Always scrape the paper in which butter or margarine has been wrapped.  The papers themselves should be saved for greasing baking dishes or covering food while it is coking in the oven.

REMEMBER that a plate of fresh home-grown fruit (plums for example) makes a refreshing dish.  It will save fuel and will help to cut down nation’s consumption of imported food. You can hear other useful time and fuel saving hints on the wireless each morning at 8.15.

RECIPE for Vegetable Hot-Pot
Prepare and cut into convenient pieces 1/4lb potatoes, 1/2lb carrots, 1/2lb onions, 1/4lb turnips.

Put into a saucepan with a teacupful of hot water, out on the lid, bring to the boil and cook or 15 minutes.

Then add a teacupful of shelled peas, 1/4lb tomatoes and a few springs of mint, season with salt and pepper, put on the lid again and cook for 20 minutes more.

Strain off the liquid which can be used in preparing a parsley sauce to serve with the vegetables.

Another way: If an ounce of dripping or margarine can be spare it should be melted in the saucepan and the vegetables tossed in it before the water is added to the pan.  This improves the flavours  of the hot-pot.

Save food, spare cargo-space, save money!

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