Local schools finally acquire land for gardening purposes

Gardening at Bickley Schools

Bickley and Widmore schools reported that at last it was possible to acquire a piece of land for gardening purposes.

As it was so late in the season for agricultural classes to begin, it was hardly likely that the Board of Education would make any grant in respect of these classes, and the School Management Committees recommended that the piece of land should be acquired on the terms offered 1 shilling per rod subject to the Board of Education agreeing that the time spent on it might be accounted as attendance at school.

Alderman Crossley suggested it would not be too late if this matter were dealt with at once. The superintendent of the recreation ground had a large number of plants from seeds which could be planted out.

The chairman said if they were growing for produce it was not too late, but for purposes of the Board of Education grant the year was half way through.

The Secretary said that the letter would be sent off the next day, and he did not think there would be any undue delay on the part of the Board.


As featured in the Bromley & District Times, 31st May 1918, page 6



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