Strong Protest by Butchers as to the Fair Distribution of Meat

The Meat Supply: Strong Protest by Butchers Supported by Committee

The question of the quality of the meat now being supplied to Bromley came up in two letter, which were read to the Mayor.  The first, which was addressed to the Executive Officer, was as follows:

Dear Sir,- At a meeting of the Meat Trade Section of the Bromley Chamber of Commerce held on Thursday last several members reported having received very serious complaints from their customers as to the inferior quality of the meat supplied.

Whilst the butchers are most anxious to give satisfaction it was generally agreed that the public had good cause to complain, for while districts in the North of England and Scotland are receiving practically 100%, of prime Scotch and English meat, last week Bromley did not receive more than 15%, included in this being 10 sheep only, the remainder being frozen meat of very poor quality.

They therefore ask you Committee to use whatever power they may possess to influence the Ministry of Food to bring about a more fair distribution of meat, so that Bromley may at least have a fair share of English meat.

– Yours
W F Skilton
Chairman Meat Trades Section, Bromley Chamber of Commerce


This letter was published in the Bromley & District Times on 31st May 1918 (page 5)

Further reading:
If you are interested in the history of the agricultural you may want to read this essay by Richard Perren “Farmers and consumers under strain: allied meat supplies in the First World War” on the British Agricultural History Society website

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