What was happening in Bromley 100 years ago?


1917 was a bad year. The death toll was going up. If the casualties of the Battle of the Somme had come as a terrible shock, Passchendaele was even worse. Men were dying on the battlefield by their thousand. Food was in short supply and prices were rising.

What was happening in Bromley 100 years ago?

Here are some of the items occupying the columns of the District Times from the 30th November, 1917

With so many men away at the Front and few to keep an eye on them, boys often found themselves in trouble.

“One of the effects of the war is to place boys and youths in positions of considerably more responsibility than hitherto. This is noticeable in many directions and, unfortunately, one of the directions is the magistrate’s court, where, recently, several lads of fifteen or sixteen have been charged with cruelty to horses by working them in an unfit state.”

“It is not suggested that there is any intentional cruelty on the part of the lads. Generally it is inexperience that is at the root of the trouble, and , having, perhaps no one to advise them, they have found themselves hailed before the magistrates. A little more supervision in the stables would often be useful.” (p5)

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