Must-have Christmas Gifts for the Family c.1917

Christmas Advert from Pyne Bros as advertised in the Bromley & District Times in 1917

Life may have been tough in 1917, but Christmas would soon arrive and there were presents to buy.  Below is a selection of advertisements for Christmas presents printed in the Bromley & District Times newspaper.

Here are some Christmas ideas for the family from Herbert Collins Ltd, of Market Square, Bromley.

Who advertised selling “a most varied and pleasing selection of up-to-date Novelties for Christmas Gifts.”

Hundreds of suitable articles for Christmas Gifts are on show.

Warm knitted scarfs, woollen gloves and other ‘comforts’ for present needs.

Smart dress lengths, caps and aprons in great variety.

Warm serviceable blankets, flannels and flannettes of excellent quality.

Christmas Advert published in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in 1917
Pyne Bros, who were located on Lewisham High Road in New Cross, advertised some of the ‘must-have’ games and toys for Christmas.

Toys for Children

Bring the Little Ones to see Father Xmas

  • Clockwork Trains
  • A rather unpleasant looking gun
  • A sweet and provision store
  • A dreadnought ship
  • The Very Latest game of Fish Ponds. (It looks as if it is using magnets)
  • A blackboard
Christmas Advert from Pyne Bros as advertised in the Bromley & District Times in 1917

Whereas E.W. Paynes, which was, until very recently, located in the Market Place in Bromley, had a variety of gifts for the more affluent buyers.

E.W. Payne for Value

  • A solid silver vanity case
  • A ‘Presto’ light watch stand
  • A solid silver powder pot
  • Army badges in gold and silver
  • Watches
  • Solid silver mirrors
  • Solid silver bags
  • Solid silver bracelets
  • A solid silver calendar

Bromley & District Times, December 1917

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