Throwing Stones and Cutting Property

Boys will be Boys
The following matter was brought before Beckenham Council:

‘Among the matters dealt with was a letter from a resident, complaining of the conduct of youths in the Alexandra Pleasure Ground. A letter from a resident complaining of damage to his allotment in Hospital Meadow by children playing thereon were also submitted. The committee recommended the Council to prohibit the admission of children under 14 years of age to allotments except in company with their parents.

Mr Dyke said the council wished top bring the conduct of children seriously to the notice of the public, and hoped that parents would so-operate with the Council in stopping the damage and annoyance. They had received a letter from a resident, who stated that, while passing through a recreation ground, a number of boys were throwing stones, and one had hit a girl in the eye. Other children had been cutting property of the Council. The committee were determined to put a stop to it, and would prosecute delinquents in future.’

Featured in the Bromley & District Times, 17th May 1918, page 3

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