Warning to take your own Tea on Holiday with you

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In 1918 the Ministry of Food proved it cared about its nations love of Tea after sending a message out to the public warning them that they may not be able to obtain supplies of their beloved brew whilst visiting holiday resorts, telling them to ‘take their own’ with them.

Take your tea with you

Take Tea With You

The Ministry of Food desires to warn visitors to holiday resorts that they must not rely on being able to obtain supplies of tea while away from home. Persons who do not propose to stay at hotels or boarding houses will be well advised before leaving home to procure supplies of tea from the retailers with whom they are registered or to arrange for such supplies to be forwarded.

By special arrangements, retailers are permitted to sell at one time four weeks supply of tea provided their supplies permit them to do this without injustice to other registered customers

Source: Bromley & District Times, August 1918

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