Daddy’s Medal: Devotion to Duty

This feature appeared in the Bromley & District Times calling for more to be done to save 

Daddy’s Medal…

Our part in the Great Offensive doesn’t call for bravery, but it does call for devotion… Devotion to Duty.  No matter how hard we work, no matter how much we save, we cannot equal the sacrifice made by the men who use the weapons we provide… But we must try, so that at the end of it all we can say that “by devotion to duty” we, too, have played our part. SAVE MORE

Daddy’s medal . . .

Proud daughter!
Proud Mummy!
Proud day!
changing guard
At – oh, more than
Much more.
They’re getting their
Medals! . . . At
Buckingham Palace
Daddy’s got one,
A lovely one,
___ pretty ribbon.
What for?
“For devotion
to duty _
fine leadership
and determination in
pressing home the
attack in a
vital operation!”

* * * * * * *

This is but
a meagre story
of a brave deed!
By brave deeds
the blows accumulate
War workers!
Pile up the weapons.
Pile up the weapons.
There are thousands
of fearless men
waiting to use the.
Match courage
with industry . . .
with saving . . .
with even
greater effort.
More – still more!

… Wings for Victory

Poem about Daddy's medal world war two

Bromley & District Times, 21st May 1943, page 4

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