‘Staycations’ are nothing new!!

World War two advert for encourage staycations

All through the second world war there were ideas and discussions on taking holidays at home. Here’s what was going on in Bromley for your delectation in 1943

  • The band of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich
  • A concert in the hall of the County School for Boys, Hayes Lane
  • The Leslie Bridgewater Quintette – well-known singers
  • The Ripley Choir and the Bromley and Chislehurst Orchestra
  • Captain Joe Merrill of the Hayes Home Guard will produce a play: ‘The man who Stayed at Home,’ at Crown Lane
  • A circus and zoo at Queen’s Mead, Bromley
  • Talent show at the County School



There will be many attractions this year in Bromley for people who loyally follow the injunction to spend their holidays at home  Last Wednesday the very fine band of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich were engaged to play in the bandstand at Church House from 6pm, and tomorrow evening there will be a concert in the hall of the County School for Boys, Hayes Lane, that should draw a crowded house.

The well-knwn Leslie Bridgewater Quintette: Harriet Cohen famous pianist; Laelia Finneberg and Dennis Noble, singers known to thousands all over the country, will provide the programme, which will be one of exceptional attractiveness.  The Quintette will play play first-class music, which has also a popular appeal; Harriet Cohen will play principally Chopin, de Falla and the Liszt arrangement of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in A minor, and singers will round off the programme with some of the best operatic arias and songs.

On June 5, the Ripley Choir and the Bromley and Chislehurst Orchestra will have Elsie Suddaby, Jan Van Der Gucht, and Roy Henderson – all names to conjure with – as soloists in “The Canterbury Pilgrims,” with Sir George Dyson, the composer, to conduct.  This will also be at the County School.

On June 8 and 9, Captain Joe Merrill, of the Hayes Home Guard, will produce the play which was recently performed with such success  at Hayes “The Man Who Stayed at Home.”  This will be at the Country Club, Crown Lane.

A circus and zoo will be held on the Queen’s Mead on June 22 and 23, and on July 3 there will be a very popular feature again at the County School,  a talent spotting concert. 

Article promoting Holidays at home during world war two

Bromley & District Times, 28th May 1943, page 5

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