Tragic Result of S.E. Suburb Bombing

Three Children Killed

Tragic result of S.E. Suburb Bombing

Sheltering in Dug-out
Three children were killed when bombs were dropped prolifically on two parts of a South-East suburb on Tuesday night.  They were sheltering in dug-outs.

One of the victims was Joan Wooton*, daughter of an auxiliary fireman.  Her mother was also injured and was taken to hospital.  A high explosive bomb dropped between two shelters.

Another high explosive bomb completely destroyed the homes of Mr A.E. Jeffreys, Mr G. M. Knowles and Mr G.B. Willis.  Adjoining houses were badly shattered, and the effect of blast on surrounding properties was terrific.

Mrs Willis was away from home at the time, owing to illness, and Mr Willis was sheltering with the Jeffreys’ family in their dug-out.  A __ place of wall fell across the entrance, but they all managed to get out.

Mr Jeffreys’ dog got buried when the house collapsed, but he was rescued with only a few scratches.

Mr and Mrs Knowles were safe in their dug-out.

The afflicted people are grateful to the A.R.P. personnel for their good work and to neighbours for various acts of kindness.\

Oil Bomb – Little Damage
An oil bomb fell in the front garden of Mr J. H. Dockary in a neighbouring road, bringing down the wall and iron railings and shattering the house and house adjoining.

*A search on the website listed this child as Joan Frances Wooton, aged 5, of 557 Rochester Way. Daughter of Percy Arthur George and Edith Frances Wootton. She died on the 15th October 1940.

Bromley & District Times, 18th October 1940, page 5

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