Ten Planes Brought Down during 1940 air battle

Another week of heavy bombing was felt over London in early Autumn 1940.  While thousands of people travelled to work in London one Friday morning, enemy aircraft and British fighters fought in the skies overhead.

The Bromley & District newspaper reported that 10 German planes were brought down in the London area. This report was published on 4th October 1940 and the Friday mentioned is possibly be the previous Friday – the 27th September.

Over Chislehurst ad Orpington

Two near Biggin Hill

It was officially announced that ten German planes were brought down over Orpington and Chislehurst on Friday.  The statement read : –

In and around London on Friday the day was one of siren notes, fierce air battles, and of yet another hammering for the enemy.

The day was still young when the first alert signal was sounded in the London area, and thousands travelled to work while enemy aircraft and British fighters fought it out in the sky high above them, or while shell bursts, which puffed into view to a thunderous accompaniment of rolling detonations, showed where A.A. gunners were putting up a strong barrage.

The raiders approached London from several directions, but they fared as badly in each.  Four were shot down in a southwest district where on fell into earth in flames. One came down at Hackney, another at Richmond, one at Esher, one at Tunbridge Wells and one at Dorking.

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