Daring attacks over German and Italian territories, 1940

RAF Success - Battle of Britain, 1940This report featured in the 19th July 1940 edition of the Bromley & District Times, giving readers an update on the R.A.F. attacks conducted over enemy territory.  It also warned readers that an ‘established Defence Area’ on the South Coast was being barred to holiday-makers.

Raids over German and Italian Territory.

Many Enemy Planes Brought Down

The R.A.F. are continuing their successful operations over a wide area, carrying out daring attacks on German and Italian territory.

German raids on this country have been vigorously resisted by R.A.F. fighters and anti-aircraft defences, and many enemy machines have been brought down.

German aerodromes, factories, oil supplies and barges have been frequently and effectively bombed by the R.A.F.

During extensive raids into Libya, Eritea and Abyssinia, the R.A.F. made a severe attack on Tobrak habour and secured direct hits on two large naval oil tanks

A number of enemy machines have been destroyed in raids on Britain during the week, and a communique from the Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet, states that in the naval action on July 9, 20 Italian aircraft were brought down.

A further portion of the recently established Defence Area on the South Coast will be barred to holiday-makers after this Friday

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