Purchasing Furniture in 1940

Wolfe & Hollander Furniture

Wolf & Hollander FunitureAnyone for new furniture in the sale?
A three-piece suite for under £24

Remember: Gns are guineas

A guinea was worth 1 pound and 1 shilling (21 shillings)
18 guineas was £18 18s.
22 Gns was £23 2s (ie 20 shillings = £1)
½ Gn was 10s 6d (10/6)
So 18 ½ Gns = £18 8s 6d

Wolfe and Hollander

Wolfe and Hollander was established at 220 Tottenham Court Road in 1903. The Bromley branch was located at 46-52 High Street, Bromley.

The image below is taken from the Francis Frith collection and shows the flag of the store flying to the left. This was the view of the High Street looking north in c.1957. The company ceased business in the 1980s.


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