Getting an Air Raid Shelter at Low Cost during the Battle of Britain

War Shelter - Advert from July 1940

War Shelter - Advert from July 1940This advert for a concrete air raid shelter appeared in the Bromley & District Times at the start of the Battle of Britain, in July 1940.

Effective Shelter at Low Cost

Concrete offers the maximum  protection from blast and splinters at lowest cost. We manufacture a practical Domestic Shelter for six persons for easy erection by one man at £9’15’0. the Complete set of units (ex works). Trade terms to builders. Complete schemes for industrialists speedily carried out at a love all-in cost.  Six standard types will accommodation up to 50 persons.

Inspect specimen shelters at:-
Commercial Structures Ltd. Croydon Factory Estate, Purley Way, Croydon

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