National War Bonds – invest every shilling you possibly can!

No sum can be too large!

Another example of an advert, often seen in local newspapers, encouraging local people to invest ‘every shilling’ they could, so they can buy their towns ‘own’ gun to help their boys on the Front line, by investing in National War Bonds and War Savings Certificates to help pay for the war.


FIRE your Money at the Huns

Join the throngs of patriotic investors who all this week have been hurrying to lend their money to their country.

Draw out your savings and buy War Bonds.  Back up your lads at the Front with the ful strength of your bank balance.  Help to win our Gun

THE GUN that will speak for Chislehurst

Don’t delay.  Every tick of your watch brings you nearer to the end of the week, nearer to the end of this great opportunity.  Go to the Bank or Money Order Post Office and invest every shilling you possibly can.  No sum can be too large.  £12,500 is needed by Saturday.  But do not think your help is not required even if you have only a few shillings to invest.  Those few shillings may pay for the explosive that sends the first shell hurtling forth from our own Gun

Buy National War Bonds

and War Savings Certificates



Featured in the Bromley & District Times, June 1918

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