Ancient Church Damaged, 1940

Stained Glass Destroyed

An ancient Parish Church in S.E. England was damaged during a recent air raid.  A bomb fell near the building and smashed the beautiful stained glass and did some damage to the fabric.

Te Rector, who is doing .R.P. work, was engaged during the raid looking after the needs of his parishioners when the church was hit.  He is grieved over the loss __ by the smashing of the stained glass, which must have been at least three hundred years old.

The church is built of flint and stone in the early English style.

Despite the damage done to the church, the Rector conducted the services there on Sunday.


Published in the Bromley & District Times on 27th September 1940, page 5


Please note: image of church window used for illustrative purposes only and is not actual damaged church in article.

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