Sergeant Peter David Devereux

Newspaper extract featuring Sergeant Peter David Devereux who went missing at sea, published in the Bromley Times on 12th September 1941

Lost at Sea

Sergeant P.D. Devereux, R.A.F.

Sergeant Peter David Devereux, aged 22, who has been reported “missing” while on an R.A.F. patrol at sea, joined the R.A.F. before the present war began.  He was in action in France last year and was wounded.

Sergeant Devereux’s parents have until recently been living at Bourne Way, Hayes.  His wife, formally a Miss Keech, of Faversham, Kent, has received a letter from the Flight Commander of Sergeant Devereux’s squadron, in which he pays a high tribute to his ability and personal charm.  He had recently been recommended for a commission.

These verses were written by his brother:

(Tribute to P.D.D. of the R.A.F., from his brother).

Fearless, he joined the legions of the skies;
Dauntless, through the spark that never dies,
Content to serve his country and his friends;
Happy, with the zest that youth extends.

Daily, he dared the dangers of the air;
Keenly kept his watch with buoyant flair.
Tensely, from out the cloud he met his foe,
Grimly, swayed the struggle to and fro.

Briefly they wrote the tidings of no trace;
Bravely did his loved ones pray for grace.
Surely, he is but “missing” from their sight.
For ever, in their hearts he soars in flight.

M.E. Devereux

Article regarding Sergeant Peter David Devereux who was lost at sea. Published in the Bromley Times on 12th Sept 1941

Bromley & District Times, 12th September 1941 (page 5)

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