Boxalls Family

Photos of the Boxall family of Bromley
Photos of the Boxall family of Bromley

Notable Golden Wedding Year

Mr and Mrs E.J. Boxall of 28 Nichol Lane, Bromley, who were married exactly 50 years ago last Sunday, March 20, will have cause to remember their golden wedding year since it coincides not only with a year of British victories, but is marked by the fact that no fewer than eight members of their family and their son’ families are serving with the Forces.

Mrs Boxall, who was Miss Charlotte Annie Friend, has lived in Bromley all of her life, but Mr Boxall came from Fernhurst, near Hazelmere, Surrey.

They still live in the same house that Mrs Boxall’s mother lived in for over 55 years.

They have nine children – four sons and five daughters, and all are married.  There are also 16 grandchildren.  Three of the sons are serving with the Forces, two grandsons, one granddaughter and two son-in-laws, and the other son is a sergeant in the Special Police.

Mr and Mrs Boxall were married at Christ Church, Beckenham on March 10 1891.  Mr Boxall, two of his sons and two sons-in-law, served in France in the last war.

The photograph (above), from left to right shows Mr and Mrs Boxall, C.S.M., Eric Boxall, the eldest son and his two children. Volunteer Connie Boxall A.T.S., and Private Paul Boxall, Royal Norfolk Regiment, and in the second row are 1st Class Instructor Edwin Boxall, R.E., Sergeant Percy Boxall, R.E., Private Edwin Boxall, R.E. (son of Instructor E. Boxall), Corporal C. Dodds, R.E. (married to Linda, third  daughter of Mr and Mrs Boxall), and Chief Petty Officer R. Longley, R.N., (married to Marian, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs Boxall).

Altogther is is a record to be proud of.

Wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs EJ Boxall of Bromley, Kent

Bromley & District Times, April 1941

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