Local News Stories during WW2

Read about the stories that made the local newspapers during World War 2.

smart young member of the Girls' Naval Training Corps giving the salute.

Girls Being Called for Service

Bromley's W.R.N.S. Cadets Young girls who are approaching the age when they will be called for the Service, and whose ...
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Women’s Home Defence, 1942

Chance to Learn to Shoot"No Drills, No Red Tape, No Uniform"The announcement that a unit of the Women's Home Defence ...
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Bromley Warship Week, March 1942

Inaugurated by Admiral Sir Edward Evans "Time for all Hands on Deck" Everyone must make greater sacrifices. Bromley had raised ...
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Portrait of Richard Been Stannard

Lieutenant Richard Been Stannard

Lieutenant Richard Been Stannard was born at Blyth, Northumberland. His father, Captain George Stannard, was lost with the Mount Oswald, ...
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black and white portrait of John Bond Bassett of Bromley

2nd Lieutenant John B. Bassett

72521 2nd-Lieutenant John Bond Bassett , aged 28, was a printer by trade, the third son of Mr & Mrs ...
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Gunner Harry Garcia

Old Bromley Scouter Broadcasts An exciting story Harry Garcia, a gunner of a Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson, whose home is ...
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