Women’s Home Defence, 1942

Chance to Learn to Shoot

“No Drills, No Red Tape, No Uniform”

The announcement that a unit of the Women’s Home Defence is being formed in Bromley has aroused considerable interest among women over a wide area.

The Women’s Home Defence is a voluntary movement started by women, and is sponsored by Dr. Edith Summerskill, M.P.  The Bromley organiser is Miss R.G. Cottrell, 6 Orchard Road.

Seen by a Kentish time reporter, Miss Cottrell said she had already received about a dozen letters and cards from women who wrote in a very enthusiastic vein, and one young lady stated that she had over a dozen friends, and they all wanted to know something about the movement.

“And what about the objects?” our representatives asked.

“To teach women how to shoot, so that in the event of an emergency there will be bodies of women ready trained in all parts of the country,” said Miss Cottrell.

No Age Limit

She added: “There are no retrictions of any kind, no age limited, no red tape, no drills, no marches, no uniform. And I want to make it clear that the call is not only to the women of Broley, but to the women of any town or district anywhere, and to women of all sections of the community.

“How do you suppose to achieve your objects?” was the next question.

Miss Cottrell replied: “We shall have lectures given by qualified instructors.  The women will be taught, as I have said before, how to handle and use a rifle and revolver, and when they are trained, arrangements will be made for them to go on a range.  In other units men qualified to instruct are enthusiatically volunteering their serivces (complete with rifles) in the interests of the movement. We are not asking the Government for any equipment.”

Article from teh Bromley Times newspaper about Womens Home Defence - 6th March 1942

Bromley & District Times, 6th March 1942 (page 5)

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