Women to Help Home guard

Women to help home guard newspaper title

Women to Help Home Guard

Casualty Service Training

More volunteers wanted in Bromley

Arrangements have now been completed for the training of women to assist with the Casualty Services of the Home Guard in the Bromley area. 

It is not intended that these women shall go out to attend to casualties in the fighting positions, but that they shall staff shelter points in selected houses to which casualties will be brought to await removal by ambulance to hospital.

As, under invasion conditions there may be delays in procuring evacuation by ambulance, it may be necessary for the staff of these shelter points to take responsibility for the care of the casualties, possibly for some hours. 

Women to help home guard newspaper title

It has, therefore, been considered wise to arrange that those women who volunteer for these duties shall be given training in elementary first aid and in home nursing.  For this purpose the 51st Kent Battalion have obtained the willing co-operation of the British Red Cross Detachments in the area.  They are undertaking (with assistance of several of the local doctors) this special training, and they propose enrolling any women, who would care to help, as associate members of their detachments.

This associate membership of the B.R.C.S. does not involve the compulsory passing of examinations not the purchase of uniforms, nor will the women so enrolled be expected to undertake other duties than those in connection with the Home Guard casualty service.

The service is intended primarily to be recruited from the womenfolk of the Home Guard, but there is no reason who anyone willing to help should not be enrolled (even though they have no direct association with the Home Guard) provided they have no previous commitments with any civil defence or other services.

The training is no simple that it is not necessary for volunteers to have had any previous experience.  hen trained, every effort will be made to arrange that women shall service as near as possible, to their own home and, where possible, with their own friends.  Classes have in some already started, but in no case are the numbers sufficient to allow for a satisfactory rota of duty being arrange in the different shelter points.  The greater the numbers of women who come forward for training, the easier will be the task and the more efficient the service.

Will you do your part and make sure there shall be no lack of help in your area?

Training is being undertaken for the different areas by the following detachments of the British Red Cross Society:

Bromley area: Kent 52 and Dr. Whitlock, 38 Westmoreland Road, Wednesday, 3.15pm.
Sundridge Park area: Kent 54 and Dr. Montgomery, Electricity Showrooms, west Street, Wednesday, 3pm.
Bromley Common area: Kent 50 and Dr. Hunt, Yeomanry House, Wednesday, 3pm.
Hayes area: Kent 244 and Dr. Hopton, Hayes F.A.P., Friday 8pm.

For those who are unable to attend any of the above classes a special evening class will be held by Kent 78 and Dr. Dysart at Electricity Showrooms on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Further particulars of the scheme can be obtained from the Commandants of the detachments at the addresses given above at the lecture times, or alternatively from the Electricity showrooms at any time these showrooms are open.

Women to help home guard full article

Bromley & District Times, 10th April 1942 (page 5)

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