Signaller Peter Robert Marchant

Signaller Peter Robert Marchant - 1940
Signaller Peter Robert Marchant - 1940
Signaller Peter Robert Marchant – 1940

Reported in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on the 19th July 1940


Signaller Peter Robert Marchant of Bromley

Mr and Mrs Robert Whittingham Marchant, of Brookmeade, Hayes ROad, Bromley have been officially notified that their eldest son, Signaller Peter Robert Marchant, is missing.

He was on the staff of the engineering section of the G.P.O. and joined the Royal Corps of Signals when he was 19, being one of the first to embark for France last September.  From colleagues who have come back safely it is understood that he was one of the gallant band who remained in Calais.  He was in charge of a switchboard at headquarters and in the circumstances it seems highly probable that he was finally taken prisoner in the German advance.

If any of his friends who have returned have any information about him, Mr and Mrs Marchant would be grateful for it.

The family lived for may years at Sidcup, where they have a host of friends and young Marchant was educated at Sidcup County School.  On leaving school, he entered the engineering section of the Post Office and served at the various telephone exchanges in the South-Eastern section – Bromley, Chislehurst, Beckenham, Hither Green, Sidcup etc.  He assisted in the work of converting the Sidcup (Foots Cray) exchange to the automated system.

Mr and Mrs Whittingham Marchant moved to Bromley some five years ago and now how many friends in both towns.

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