Our Service Families

Service Families

Wartime was be a huge sacrifice to families with sons going off to war; wives left without husbands; fearing they will never return.

The Blade family from Bromley, was no exception and they were very proud of the fact. They had 2 sons on active service, with their youngest awaiting his call up with the Royal Navy. they also had two son-in-laws on active services, both of whom has recently married into the family.

Reported in the Bromley & Kentish Times on 26th July 1940 (page 5)

Our Service Families

The Blades

Three sons and two son-in-law with the Services is the proud claim of Mr and Mrs David Blade of 26 Chatterton Road, Bromley.  Mr Blade, who is a decorator, is a Dulwich man, but his wife was Miss Anderson of 32 Bourne Road.

David, the eldest son, was associated with Mrs Blades brother, Mr L. Anderson, as a electrician, before he joined up.  He tried to get into the Navy at the beginning of the war, but was not successful.  He has now, however, been accepted for service with the Navy at his own trade.

Eric Charles, the second son, who was at Tea Importers Ltd, at High Street, Bromley, had been in the Yeomanry – the 387th Battalion 91th F.A. – at Bromley Common for several years.  As a driver he went out with the B.E.F. in September, but was home on leave at Chritmas.  He went out again and came safely through the great evacuation from Dunkirk.

Leonard, the youngest son, was formerly with Cantrell and Cochrane at Farwig Lane, Bromley, but office life did not suit him, and when he was 15 he enlisted in the Royal Navy, and is now waiting to go to sea.

Charles William O’Gorman, who married Mr and Mrs Blade’s younger daughter, comes form Plumstead.  He lost his father in the the war of 1914-1918.  He is a regular soldier in an A.A. battery, and was with the expeditionary force that went to Norway.  He has been married about two months.

William Spilstead, the other son-in-law, comes from Robertsbridge.  He married Mr and Mrs Blades’ elder daughter, Molly, about eight months ago.  He is a carpenter in civilian life, but an enthusiastic motorcyclist, he joined the R.E.’s as a despatch rider and went to France in October, from where he was safely evacuated shortly after Dunkirk.

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