King Commends Hayes Man, 1941

This article, which featured in the Bromley & District Times in late February 1941, actually followed directly on from my previous extract story regarding Mr W. T. Field of Bromley, and mentions the George Medal that he received.

Whether his award was given to him for this same rescue, it does not say, but it obvious that the two men knew each other.


Bromley & District Times, 28th February 1941, page 4

Honourable Mention for Resourceful Hayes Man

The King has commended Mr D. H. Cartill, of 26 Hilldown Road,Hayes, for his gallantry and devotion to duty.

Mr Cartill, who is a member of a well-known Bromley Family and an old boy of Bromley National School, is the leader of a stretcher party.  On a pitch dark night he was one of a party who rescued two children ad a woman from the ruins of a house where three lives had been lost.  To reach the children the rescuers had to crawl under a floor.

A child’s nose was buried in the ceiling.  By cutting out the springs of a bed, Mr Cartill managed to lower the child to comparative safety and so save a life.

It was extremely delicate task done successfully under conditions of great difficulty and danger.

Mr Cartill told the Kentish Times, “They were the coolest family I have ever met.”  Characteristically he preferred to say nothing of his own share in the incident beyond expressing satisfaction that their lives had been saved.  He was interested to learn hat “Sonny” Field, of Bromley, had been awarded the George Medal.

“He richly deserves it,” was Mr Cartill’s comment. “He is a wonderful fellow, I have seen him at work.”

Mr Cartill has been attached to this particular stretcher party post since war broke out.  Previously he was responsible for the organisation of a number of social functions.  As an amateur conjurer his services are in demand at entertainments.  He may be joining the Guards shortly he thinks.



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