Local News Stories during WW2

Read about the stories that made the local newspapers during World War 2.

black and white portrait of John Bond Bassett of Bromley

2nd Lieutenant John B. Bassett

72521 2nd-Lieutenant John Bond Bassett , aged 28, was a printer by trade, the third son of Mr & Mrs ...
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Gunner Harry Garcia

Old Bromley Scouter Broadcasts An exciting story Harry Garcia, a gunner of a Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson, whose home is ...
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Scrap Metal

Ever Wondered What Happened to the Metal Collected during World War Two? Scrap Metal What happens to the scrap metal ...
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Newspaper article from 1942 featuring a photo fo the HM Destroyers Sikh which was to become Beckenham's own was ship

Beckenham’s Own War Ship

Make this Beckenham's Own Destroyer Sikh's Glorious Record Beckenham's Warship Week starts on Saturday February 21st [1942]. This aim is ...
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Rector of West Wickham Leaving: 1942

Rev. Charles A. S. Page was the Rector of West Wickham for nearly 12 years, before he moved onto Hawkinge ...
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Shopkeepers re-planning their delivery services

Advert article which featured in the local Bromley Times newspaper in February 1942 from the Ministry of War Transport, Ministry ...
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