Prisoners of War: 1942

Prisoners of War Do you know anyone here?These are men of the Royal West Kent Regiment who are prisoners of war in Germany.  Second from the right in the back row is a Farnborough boy, Private R.T. Clarkson, son of Mrs Clarkson, 81 Hugh Street, Farnborough. Source:Bromley & District Times, 23rd January 1942 (page 5) Also see:In a German Prison Camp: Oct 1941Officers of the Royal West Kent Regiment: 1940Is your Boy here? Oct 1941

Cigarettes for Prisoners of War

Rooms at Rothwell, Sundridge Avenue are used five days a week by the workers, who number a hundred, most of whom are volunteers. Miss N.L. Spicer is the manager of the Centre with Miss Galloway, head storekeeper, and Mrs Ford Hutchinson, assistant storekeeper. Seen by a Kentish Times representative, Miss Spicer, who is the daughter of Mr Leonard Spicer, 20 Orchard Way, and the late Mrs Spicer gave some interesting particulars of the useful piece of war work tat is being done in bringing consolation to the brave men of…