Disney’s Pinocchio comes to Bromley!

Disney’s Pinocchio comes to Bromley For Everyone – of every age! It’s easy to forget how old Disney’s Pinocchio actually is!  This film listing for Bromley’s Gaumont cinema was published in September 1940 and lists if as Walt Disney’s full length feature film in technicolour.  A great distraction for families living through World War 2, especially when the threat of bombing was common and so close by. Source:Bromley & District Times, September 1940

Day Out for Dunkirk Wounded

This wonderful report, which appeared in the local newspaper, describes how a party of wounded soldiers who at Dunkirk , were treated by the kind people of Bromley, when they visited the town on a day trip. The occasion was made possible by the donations of a local company. It would be great to know which local company helped arrange this. Bromley Firm’s Effort Mr Watts, manager of the Gaumont, Bromley, sprang a surprise on the audience on Wednesday afternoon, when he announced that over 30 of the boys who…