Day Out for Dunkirk Wounded

This wonderful report, which appeared in the local newspaper, describes how a party of wounded soldiers who at Dunkirk , were treated by the kind people of Bromley, when they visited the town on a day trip. The occasion was made possible by the donations of a local company. It would be great to know which local company helped arrange this.

Day Out for Dunkirk Wounded

Bromley Firm’s Effort

Mr Watts, manager of the Gaumont, Bromley, sprang a surprise on the audience on Wednesday afternoon, when he announced that over 30 of the boys who were wounded in the Dunkirk evacuation were being entertained in the circle of the theatre,  The audience’s appreciation of what these boys had done was instantaneous, and the theatre resounded with applause.

The occasion was made possible by the voluntary subscriptions given by the staff and customers of a local radio firm at Bromley South.

The ‘blue boys’ were collected at 9:30am and after a tour of Surrey, had coffee at ___, and then toured back to Bromley, where lunch was served in the Gaumont Cafe.

After seeing the programme they had “high tea” in the cafe, followed by a ramble around Bromley and the gardens and were shown hospitality by various well-known people.  Next Wednesday another party will be entertainment in a similar manner, and say ___ support that can be given to the organiser will be warmly welcomed.

Sources: Bromley & District Times

Image sourced from the IWM

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