Sending Parcels to the Front Line

British Railways advert from world war two

Right from the outset of the second world war, British railways were the mainstay of the internal transport system.  They were used extensively for transporting goods and war equipment, as well as troops and evacuated children.  Railways had proved harder to bomb and much easier to repair than alternative modes of transport.

War saw a major reorganisation of the railway industry in Britain. which resulted in the control of the railways being passed to the Railway Executive Committee.  They took responsibility for running the network and giving information on urgent matters, including emergency timetables, air-raid warnings and reduced services.

They produced a number of posters and adverts advising the public to only use the railways for essential journeys, with such slogans as “Stay Put This Summer”, “Food, Shells and Food MUST Come First” and “Heavy Parcels Cause Delay”.

This advert appeared in the local newspaper in April 1941

He’s been called up…

Please send only LIGHT PARCELS by Passenger Train

Heavy Parcels cause delay and should go by GOODS Train


British Railways advert from world war two

Bromley & District Times, April 1941

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