Scrap Metal

Ever Wondered What Happened to the Metal Collected during World War Two?

Scrap Metal

What happens to the scrap metal you have collected in your effort to assist the nation-wide drive?  the latest Ministry of Information film, “Arms from Scrap,” answers this question.  And a very dramatic answer it is.

The film begins with some remarkable scenes of air raid damage and shows you how large quantities of metal from wrecked buildings are being carefully collected.  This metal will be made into guns and tanks and bombs.  The dump is also shown and then the film takes you into the foundries where all this scrap is converted into the basic material from which weapons of war are fashioned.

Giant electric lifting magnets handle huge loads as if they were a feather weight.  Molten streams pour from huge containers.  finally after scenes that might be of another world you see the scrap metal – your scrap metal – ready to go to the arms factories.

Article about what happened to the scrap metal collected during world war two for the war effort

Bromley & District Times, 20th February 1942 (page 4)

BFI website – The film “Arms from Scrap” was produced in 1942 by British Movietonews.  It was about the salvage of scrap metal collect from blitzed towns around the country and its use in the manufacture of arms,  It was produced by Gerald Sanger (1898-1981), and featured commentator Leslie Mitchell (1905-1985).

Film sourced from YouTube.  To watch click this link >>  Arms from Scrap

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