Recruits for the ATS needed URGENTLY

War poster showing female recruit for the ATS in World War two

This notice was published in the local Bromley & District Times newspaper in October 1941, by the Ministry of Labour and National Service, advertising to parents of girls seeking work to join up to the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

War poster showing female recruit for the ATS in World War two

A message from the Government to PARENTS of all girls…

…who are not yet employed in full-time WAR WORK.
Your daughter is being asked to volunteer immediately for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, even if she has yet to register or is now awaiting her interview.

The need for recruits to the A.T.S. is very urgent.  Many men in the Army are doing work which you daughter could take over from them – work with which she would be very proud to be trusted.  She must come forward now and free these men for front line training.

You. her mother and father, need have no fear for her whilst she is away from you.  Careful measures have been taken to ensure her health, happiness, and well-being.  She will be well looked after.

Friends and sisters are encouraged to join together.  And as a high standard of conduct is required by the A.T.S. your r will be in good company, and will make good friends.

The girls of the auxiliary Territorial Service work side by side with the men during duty hours.  The work is interesting, the extra training courses are very thorough, and promotion comes quickly to those who work for it.  Girls gain quickly in poise and confidence, and develop a sense of responsibility that will be useful to them after the war.

Make it easy for your daughter to come forward now.  She is needed in the service of her country.  She should volunteer today.

Registration notice published in the Bromley & District Times in October 1941 advertising for girls to join the ATS

Bromley & District Times, 3rd October 1941 (pg 2)

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