Prime Minister’s Message: August 1940

Winston Churchill

On Saturday 4th August 1940 the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, issued a statement via 10 Downing Street wishing it to be known that the ‘possibility of German attempts at invasion has been no means passed away”

This report appeared in the local newspaper the following week.


Winston Churchill
Possibility of Attempts at Invasion


Our growing strength and preparedness

The following statement was issued from 10, Downing Street, on Saturday: –

“The Prime Minister wishes it to be known that the possibility of German attempts at invasion has by no means passed away.


“The fact that the Germans are now putting about rumours that they do not intend an invasion should be regarded with a double dose of the suspicion which attaches to all their utterances.

“Our sense of growing strength and preparedness must not lead to the slightest relaxation of vigilance or moral alertness”


Source: Bromley & District Times, 9th August 1940 (page 5)

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