Pilot Officer R.A. Marchand

Pilot Officer RA Marchand

The funeral of Pilot Officer Roy Achille Marchand, who was killed in action on September 15th, aged 22, took place at St Mark’s Church, Bromley and afterwards at Bromley Hill Cemetery.  He was the only son of Mr And Mrs Rene A, Marchand, of 6 Hayes Road, Bromley, and his death was recorded in our issue last week.

The mourners were Mr and Mrs Rene Marchand, Mrs Jean Marchand, Mrs O. Cullen and Mr and Mrs E. Dean.

The flowers included a wreath (R.A.F.) from his father, a large heart of red roses from his brother, and one from his young wife, three wreaths from the Commanding Officer and men of his fighting squadron, and others from near and intimate friends.


The Rev. J.L. Folkard conducted the service, the choir led the singing of the hymns, and the organist, Mr, F.R. Carlos, played appropriate music.  About 250 people were present.


It was the desire of Mr and Mrs Marchard that in preference to floral tributes, a small contribution should be sent to the Jewellery Trade Spitfire Fund.  Many friends responded, and a good sum was raised for the fund.


In Memoriam

Pilot Officer Roy Marchard, died September 15, 1940

How well you looked, dressed in your Air Force blue,
Hoe popular you were in ev’ry sphere;
The Service was your choice, your life’s career,
It’s duties, joys and dangers well you now.

But in the R.A.F. all hearts beat true, “Per ardus ad astra” stands out clear;
Fierce battles prove  courage we revere,
A sacrifice, by which we shall win through.

And now your course is run – or can it be? –
So young, so brave, so hopeful in your stride.
In love we mourn, with deep yet humble pride,
For what you were and gave… for all… for me.

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