In War Weapons Week – 7th Feb 1941


Mayor of losing Borough to pay Beckenham, whose War Weapons Week commences on Saturday February 22, has been set to invest £250,000, a total which should not be difficult to reach.

During the week ending March 1, people are not asked to give, but to invest their money, They can buy War Bonds, Defence Bonds, Saving Certificates, or make a deposit in the Post Office Bank, But whichever way they decide they are advised to start saving now.

The Mayor of Beckenham at a meeting last Saturday for Beckenham’s War Weapons Week, which is the week immediately following Bromley’s, said that he has just telephoned the Mayor of Bromley, who had agreed to the following:-

  • That every baby born in the two boroughs during the War Weapons Week should be given a War Savings Certificate.
  • These would be presented to the mother by the Mayor of the borough, which showed the highest total of money raised during the week.
  • The other Mayor would pay for the certification.



February 15 – 22 is the Bromley War Weapons Week.

Mrs Stafford-Clark, wife of Alderman F. Stafford Clark, L.L.D., J.P., The Old Summer House, Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley, is responsible for dealing with the tickets for the inaugural luncheon of the War Weapons Week. Early application for the tickets (3s. 6d. each) should be made. Alderman Stafford Clark is chairman of the Finance Sub Committee. 

A commemorative exhibition will be held at the Bromley School of Art from February 22 to March 1, in appreciation of the important work done by MR A. Baylis Allen in the County of Kent, an din particular the Bromley, Beckenham and Sidcup…


Bromley & District Times, 7th February 1941

















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