Beckenham’s War Weapons Week – Spring 1941

Our aim is £250,000


Citizens of Beckenham: Our great War Weapons Week starts in just over a fortnight’s time. Between February 22nd and March 1st we are pledged to invest no less that £250,000 – a quarter of a million pounds in ONE week. Can Beckenham do it? We WILL do it, and pass that huge total if every home in the district will lend all that can be spared over current needs.

Here’s an opportunity to make your money fight-every penny, every pound lent to buy more weapons for attack and defence is a hammer blow for victory, Save NOW to lend during War Weapons Week, and help the Mayor make the Big Guns of Beckenham grow between February 22nd and March 1st.

Bromley & District Times, February 1941

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