Bromley War Weapons Week

Before the US entered the war, and still with the threat of invasion, War Weapon Weeks was a way to encourage people to save in War Bonds and similar Government schemes to help re-arm.

This advert was one of many which appeared in the local newspaper advertising a local ‘War Weapons Week”


February 15th – 20th (1941)
Bromley’s War Weapons Week

Get ready to make your money fight

Our War Weapons Week is coming! It will be our special chance to help pay for the huge armaments needed to win this war,  Let us be ready – firms and individuals – to lend our savings to the nation.

Invest all you can in

3% Savings Bonds
2 1/2% National War Bonds
3% Defence Bonds
Savings Certificates
Post Office Savings Bank

Double your Group Subscription.  Start a new Group in your factory, office or street.  Hit back at Hitler.  He’s harder than ever in War Weapons Week

Make your Weapons Week a Triumph


This wonderful footage, care of British Pathe, shows how London helped to advertise their War Weapon Week.

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Bromley & District Times, 7th February 1941, page 1

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