Grow Fit not Fat on your War Diet!

The Ministry of Food published some food facts in local newspapers during WW2 to encourage readers to ‘Cut of “Extras”, Cut out waste’ and not oto eat more that needed.

One interesting suggestion was cooked lettuce!  Never thought to try that. I doubt if I will resort to such a drastic method.  Perhaps food rationing might solve the obesity crisis today!

Mind you it would have economic problems for the supermarkets etc that thrive through our love of food

This advert appeared in the  Bromley & Kentish Times on 2nd August 1940 (page 3).

Food Facts - 2nd August 1940


Grow fit not fat on your war diet!  Make full use of the fruit and vegetables in season.  Cut out “extras”; cut out waste; don’t eat more than you need.  You’ll save yourself money, you’ll save valuable cargo space which is needed for munitions, and you’ll feel fitter than you ever felt before.

On the Kitchen Front

TEA TIPS – You can save that extra “one for the pot” if you get the best out of your tea. So remember that (1) as soon as the water is boiling really fast you shoud be ready with the well-warmed tea-pot; (2) the tea-pot should come to the kettle, not the kettle to the tea-pot; (3) you should give the tea enough time to brew, and stir it just before pouring.  If you do all this your rations will go further.

COOKED LETTUCE – Don’t make the mistake of using lettuce only as a salad.  Lettuce cooked in a very little water makes a delicious vegetable, and you will enjoy even the outside layers.

STALE BREAD – Bake any stale bread in slices and use as toast, or serve as rusks with soups or stews.

RECIPES for Stuffed Marrow
Cut a medium-sized marrow in two and scoop out the seeds.

Fill with stuffing made of two heaped tablespoons of bread-crumbs (use any leftpver pieces of bread for this), a tablespoonful minced bacon or cold meat, 1 tablespoonful chopped suet, 1 small onion grated and a sprinkling of mixed herbs, add pepper and salt to taste, and a little milk or egg to bind.

Put halves together, tie round with tape, put in a baking tin with about 2 ozs of dripping and bake until tender – basting frequently (Time about 1 hour)

If preferred, the bacon or meat may be omitted but in this case more suet should be included with the stuffing.

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