Babies Born in Raid Shelters

baby - Born During Air Raids in 1940

Babies born in Air Raid sheltersThree in one South-East District

Three mothers gave birth to babies in private A.R.P. shelters during a raid over a South-East urban district.  The mothers and babies are doing well.

In the same raid a house was it by a bomb shortly after a young mother had given birth to a baby.  The house was damaged and mother and baby were removed to hospital in the A.R.P. ambulance.  A mile from her house a maternity home was shaken by the explosion of a bomb. No one was hurt.

I wonder what happened to those babies, and whether they grew up knowing how dramatic their entrance to the world was?


baby - Born During Air Raids in 1940

Reported in the Bromley & District Times, 27th September 1940

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