Albert Bailey

black and white portrait photo of Lance Corporal Albert Bailey

Some time since we reported that no news had been received since Christmas, 1914, of Lance-Corporal Albert Bailey, son of Mr Bailey of Pound Place, Eltham. 

Although from his long silence the worst was feared, hope was not entirely given up, and his brother in Roper Street, Eltham, addressed inquiries to the German authorities, in the hope that he was a prisoner.  the only reply has now come back that nothing is known of him in Germany, and it is not to be concluded that he was killed.

Lance-Corporal Bailey, who was 26 years of age, wan an old boy of Eltham National Schools, of which he was a pupil when Mr. Francis was the headmaster.  He had been in the Army six years last September, practically all his time having been spent in India.

He was in the 4th Dragoon Guards, but when his regiment was recalled and sent to France he was transferred to the 7th Battalion.

Bromley & District Times, early 1915

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