Three-Decker Bunk beds in Bromley Air Raid Shelter

Three-Decker Divans in Elm Bank Hotel Shelter

The entrance to these improvised sleeping quarters is down a six-feet stairway directly below the main stairs.

Each bunk, made with deep springs and coil interiors, measures 6-feet by 3-fet, ensures complete relaxation – the 20-inch walls, utmost safety.

Guests now have their choice  upstairs wit H and C, or downstairs with comfort and quietness, which coupled with excellent food, is obtainable at as low as 3 1/2 Guineas per week.

Widmore Green, Bromley


Source: Bromley & District Times, 11th October 1940 (pg 1)

This photos shows some triple-decker bunks bed in a subway tunnel during the war, to given an example of what the Elm Bank shelter might have been like.

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