Their work was deserving of the highest praise

28th January 1916



Corporal Gutteridge, of the 8th West Kents, who has recently returned to the trenches, after a brief visit home on leave, writes:

“I thought probably you would like to know that two of our fellows have been commended for special work. While the regiment were in the firing line at ___ Private Calaw and Private Watson crawled from our own lines to the enemy’s, and sketched their firing trench, and arrived back in our line quite safely.

I might say that their work was deserving of the highest praise, as the regiment had had a very rough time during their short stay in this part of the line.

We are gradually wearing the Germans down and expect to have them down by the end of the year”


Note: image is used for illustration purposes only.  Taken from the DailyMail

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