Shavex: Advert from 1942

Advert for Shavex

“Shavex” was the was first brush-less shaving cream, developed by Violet Van der Elst, a daughter of a coal prter and a washwoman, and herself a scullery maid.  Violet became a successful businesswomen after developing a number of cosmetics, including “Shavex” and was also a campigner, best remembered for her activities against the death penalty.

No Soap – No Brush – No Lather

Why do all the forces prefer Shavex?  The Pefect Two Minute Shave.

They’re united, these men of the Empire, united in their determination to fight for Freedom and also in their choice of shaving cream.

Shavex, always a favourite with British forces – has now captured the imagination of the gallant men from Overseas.  For shaving when in a hurry it is a marvellous – a perfect, shave in two minutes.  No water needed, but if you have water, moisten your face before using Shavex.  You can shave in a quarter of the time that it takes with soap and brush, and your skin will feel as fresh as a daisy. 

Almond Oil in Shavex keeps the face young, and takes away wrinkles.  Smear Shavex over the face when you have shaved, and your face will keep young, fresh and free from blemishes.

Millions all over the world are using Shavex.  Beware of Imitations – there is nothing like Shavex – the antiseptic shaving cream – the first on the market.

Advert for Shavex from 1942

Bromley & District Times, 13th March 1942 (page 2)
Violet Van der Elst  – Wikipedia

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